RTSI 2016 » Call for Exhibitions

Call for Exhibitions

RTSI 2016 intends to exhibit a range of research experiences, by practically illustrating via demos, prototypes, and videos the associated opportunities for society and industry. For this reason RTSI 2016 will host an exhibition of research projects and their results, dedicated to universities, research institutes and spin-offs. The exhibition is an essential part of the conference technical program and aims to showcase research projects and their applications. The exhibition relates to all the topics of the forum, including the latest developments in the areas of electrical, electronic, and computer science engineering. Potential exhibitors are encouraged to present the implications and results of their research in terms of components, systems, equipment, hardware or software tools. The exhibition is intended to show the practical relevance of the accomplished or ongoing research activity and highlight the possible impact of scientific and technological innovation on society.

A stand area will be available for each exhibitor at the entrance of the School of Engineering in the historical atrium, equipped with WiFi connectivity (wired connectivity on request), thus providing an excellent opportunity to display research products and deliver inspirational practical demonstrations or presentations. In their application, interested exhibitors are invited to include a short description of the research activity that has led to the development of the presented products. In particular, they are encouraged to make reference to the national/international projects or the scientific publications that are directly related to the innovative products to be demonstrated in the exhibition space. Spin-offs are required to add a short description of the research group that promoted them.

Potential exhibitors are invited to apply for an exhibition stand by completing a single PDF file application according to the following structure (no more than 300 words per item):

  1. Short description of the presented research product, possibly including a photo
  2. Short description of the research activity that has led to the development of the presented products
  3. For spin-offs only - a short description of the research group that promoted them
  4. Short CV of the applicant
  5. Contact details (email, phone, and postal address)
Exhibitors will have their stand available for two days at the cost of a full-fee conference registration. The registration fee also provides the opportunity to present an accepted scientific paper. The application document should be submitted via email to the exhibition chair at the following address: paolo.bellavista@unbo.it.

Note that also exhibitions from Industrial Sponsors are more than welcome. At least a Bronze level sponsorship is required.

The deadline for submissions is 15 June 2016.

Accepted exhibitions will be notified by 1 July 2016.

For any question or for further details, please contact the exhibition chair.